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"Oh great. Now I smell like a tuna. But I did find a cool whistle!"

"Oh, shut up and kiss me, will you?"

"Oh blah, blah, blah...YOUR needs!"

"When I get back, I'll..." (Poofed away by Jorgen)

"Juandissimo, tell me more about nougat."

"I'm proud of ya, sport!"

"Oh Juandissimo, you're doing the dance of a thousand chocolates?"


"I was thinking something more in the bazooka family..."

"You bet me for a nickel?!!!"

"What's strange, that I'm not strangling Cosmo?"

"My Cosmo-about-to-make-Timmy-dead sense is tingling!"

Wanda: Two fairies had a thought in their head,
That a bet could decide who'd I wed,
But when during their bout,
Their big secret got out...
Juandissimo: ...And now both of those morons are dead?

"And here's Wanda with the news: Vicky's going to kill you when she finds out what you're up to!"

"The Double-T in the Morning show is brought to you by 'Vicky Stinks!' Remember: Vicky Stinks!"

"I told you, You-Doo dolls are dangerous. [goes under You-Doo spell] But what the heck do I know? In fact, poof up a whole big box full of You-Doo dolls! And let's wish up more pudding for Cosmo! I'm a nag! Let's do the Nag Dance! [singing] You nag it to the left, You nag it to the right, I love to nag my husband all day and night!"

"Zappy fight! Oh, that's right: You don't have one!"

Wanda: Whoever you are, you're going down!
Cosmo: Whoever I am, no I'm not!

"Cosmo, you idiot!"

"Cosmo, stop spinning the newspaper!"

"...Nag Nag Nag..."

Cosmo: I married the smart one!
Wanda: I married the-- (pauses) --well, he's cute, right?

(To Timmy in "Just Desserts!") "Make the wish!!!"

"Sorry... I'm happily married."

[Cosmo kisses Wanda]Wanda:Oh Cosmo.
Cosmo:Go. Ahhh![turned into a pixie]Wanda!
Wanda:Cosmo! wwwweee. Cosmo....[dramatic music fills in]Cosmo..... I am not naggy!!

Floating With You
Wanda: I was lost Till he found me And although he confounds me,
By his crown,Is where I know I should be.
Yes, I know he's a moron, With a brain made of boron.
And yet, I'm drawn to him magically.
And through every moment of turmoil, And moment of pain.
Through all of our misadventures,One thing remains.Facing pixies, bullies, and jarheads,
I'll never be blue.
As long as I'm floating With you.

Timmy:I wish I had a candle. (Cosmo and Wanda don't hear him) Hello??
Cosmo:Oh sorry did you mean us? (poofs Timmy a candle.)
Timmy:A lit candle.
Wanda:Ohh waaahh do you ever stop nagging?

Dr. Rip Studwell: And I'm afraid I have some bad news.
Wanda: What is it, Dr. Rip Studwell?
Dr. Rip Studwell: After a series of incredibly painful and humiliating tests, I believe Cosmo may be stupid.
Wanda: Nooooooo!! Oh wait, I knew that.

"Oooo, Cosmo. You're so cute when you're jealous!"

Wanda: Goodbye my little Twinkle!
Cosmo: Twinkle! That's pretty close to tinkle.

"In your face, Juandissimo! I'm staying with my man, thanks to the best godkid of all time!"

"Trixie doesn't love you, and we can't affect true love!"

"I know what'll make you feel better - being part of the show!"

Cosmo: We're in the book section. Timmy will never look here.
Wanda: Cosmo stop. I've been with you for more than ten thousand years. Don't you think if I wanted to leave I would have left by now?
Cosmo: Maybe...
Wanda: Oh, I love you, you idiot now give me a hug [hugs cosmo tightly]
Cosmo: Can't break free... suffocating. Ahhh, I need my space. Is this what's like for Timmy?! OOhh, I gotta unwish this wish.

Wanda: Timmy, you need to wish fast because... [cosmo poofs beside her]
Cosmo: Timmy Timmy Timmy. What about my needs? [they poof off]

Wanda: Timmy I don't mean to say I told you so, but...[Wanda then starts dancing]...I told, you so, I told you so. [Timmy starts to say something]
Wanda [still dancing]: Wait, I'm not done yet. Go Wanda, go Wanda!

Cosmo: I'll give you 3 Bleeblees for a Wawa
Wanda: And I'll give you 2 Pobbocaps for a Weewee card

"He could turn Uranus into... Oh my gosh! We gotta stop him."

"Oh no, we blew up Pluto!"

"It's for three year-olds!"

"I'm right here idiot!"


"What is better, grapes or ........"

"Well, we are off to Mama Cosma's [for Thanksgiving dinner]. I just know she won't like my mashed potatoes."

"You're falling in love with Tootie; that means you're growing up and you'll lose us forever!"

"Oooh Cosmo you idiot!!!"

Cosmo: You can't keep Tiny Cosmo down!
Wanda: Cosmo, you ding-a-ling!
Cosmo: I love it when you talk tiny to me.

"Oh my gosh, we're humans! And look! I've got legs... that need to be shaved. Ewwww."

"Focus! If that Love Meter gets any higher, we're doomed!"

"What does a finger-snap mean? 'Knock that Timmy-stealer out of the tree'?"

Wanda: Magnate's got Tootie! Hooray!
Cosmo: Yay!
Poof: Hmm? [glares at them]
Wanda: Well, I mean it's good that she gets to ride in a limo, right?
Cosmo: Yeah. This means that we can always be with Timmy and things never have to change, right?
Poof: [stares at them, looking more angry than before, and makes a growling noise]
Wanda: Poof's intense stare of guilt is right, Cosmo! Here we are, wanting Poof to grow up, and we're keeping Timmy from doing the same thing.
Cosmo: You're right, Wanda. We have to do what's best for Timmy! [Poof smiles]
Wanda: Aww! I'm proud of us, Cosmo. And thanks for staring such sense into us, Poof. Let's tell Timmy and save Tootie!

Cosmo: Maybe we'll get to meet the new fairies! I hope they're as nice as us.
Wanda: They are us, you ninny!

"Isn't this great, Cosmo? After all these years, they finally ended up together!"

Cosmo: [Wishful Thinking is a way to disguise ourselves as we drive around the world granting wishes for people who really need them.
Wanda: Plus, it keeps us together as a family - an extended family.

"Here's another J word for you: Jidiot!"

"This is not a wand, it's a backscratcher (gets shocked)"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Poof, that's funny!"

"Giddy up, partner!"

(laughs) "He said 'Poop.' That's hilarious! Suddenly, I find toilet humor hysterical!"

"Oh, blah, blah, blah, your needs!"

"How dare you use language like that, young man!"


"Oh, Cosmo! I can't believe our baby is through with pooferty and is FINALLY talking!"

"Cosmo you moron!"

(Strangles Cosmo) "Yes... I missed you..."

"Normally I don't encourage violence but... kick his little square butt sweetie!"

Wanda: I'm here because your son took a very important book from my family.
Avarius: My son? Which one? Crudo?
Wanda: Eh, no.
Avarius: Not Yudo!
Wanda: Mm-mmm.
Avarius Menudo?
Wanda Uh, nope.
Avarius: Ugh. Okay, I'm just gonna go down the list. Dudo, Kudo, Mudo, Tudo, Fudo, Quudo, Zudo, Udo...
Wanda: I have no idea who that is.
Avarius: Not Dennis!
Dennis: [peeks out from behind a chair]
Wanda: No, no, it's... it's Ludo.
Avarius: [gasps] Ludo?! Well, w-we don't say that name in this house anymore! Not since he and his goons took over our castle and changed the locks when we were on vacation! N-Not that this place isn't lovely.

(in "Wanda the Undaunted")
"I call the darkness unto me from deepest depths of Earth and sea. From ancient evils unawoken, break the one that can't be broken. To blackest night, I pledge my soul and crush my heart to burning coal. To summon forth a deathly power, to see my hated foe devoured!"
(in "Toffee")
"I call the darkness onto me from deepest depths of Earth and sea! From ancient evils unawoken, break the one who can't be broken! From blackest night I pledge my soul and crush my heart to burning coal! To summon forth the deadly power to see my hated foe devoured!"

(Little Fairy Rabbit)
Timmy:Over, under, around, and through
♪ Grab the little fairy rabbit, pull him through ♪
Wanda: ♪ Pinch it and fold it and tie it in a bow ♪
Timmy and Wanda: ♪ Like two little bunny ears made out of dough ♪
♪ Over and under, wherever you roam ♪
♪ Sweet little fairy rabbit, hop back home ♪

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