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A humble peasant woman has become your majesty.
After with her magic, she guided the fairies to victory.
―Royal family inscription[src]

Urania Fairywinkle, also known as Urania the First One, is the first queen of the kingdom of Fairy World and one of Timmy Turner's godpredecessors.


According to "Fairypendance Day", Urania and the first fairies/humans came to Fairy World a long time ago and made a settlement.

On the night of her tenth birthday, the the fairy village is attacked by monsters and the house of Urania is destroyed by fire, killing her whole family. Urania flees to the Forest of Certain Death.

Crying, she looked up at the sky and wished for help. A shooting star cut through the sky and fell a few feet from where she was. In a crater, she found a meteorite, which had a shimmering butterfly-shaped crystal. When she touched it, Urania turned into a fairy, received a magic wand, and received two invisible butterfly marks on the cheeks that glow

Urania at the time used her magic to transform the human peasants into a powerful fairy army, and they drove the monsters away. However, it has been suggested that most of the monsters were actually peaceful, and that the fairies (formerly humans) drove them off the land that was rightfully theirs.

Urania wrote the Book of Spells.


  • Her name comes from Uranus (greek word for "sky, heaven" and Primal God of Heaven) and Urania ("heavenly" in greek and Muse of Astronomy), both from Greek Language and Mythology.
  • Urania's attributes in The Magic Book of Spells are:
    • Strength: 13
    • Intelligence: 15
    • Wisdom: 14
    • Leadership: 18
    • Constitution: 14
    • Charisma: 16