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St. Olga is the robotic founder and former headmistress of St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses and the adoptive mother of Meteora Fairywinkle.


St. Olga is a robot bearing the appearance of an adult woman. She has gray metallic skin, bluish-gray hair, and large yellow lights for eyes. Her body is shaped to appear to be wearing a Persian blue coat, a gray large-bottomed dress, and a purple brooch. She also has flat, pincer-like hands and wheels for feet. Due to her disrepair and long time spent deactivated, St. Olga is also covered in rust and cobwebs.


Some time before the series began, St. Olga was deactivated and her role as headmistress of the Reform School for Wayward Princess usurped by Meteora (going by the alias "Miss Heinous").

In "Skooled!", Meteora infiltrates St. Olga's school and reactivates her, demanding to be shown her master file. At first, Olga shows Meteora a falsified video showing how she found Meteora on the street as a baby and took her in. Gemini takes control of her and plays the real file.

The file reveals that Olga adopted the infant Meteora as her daughter under the orders of King Shastacan and raised her to suppress her magic and monster traits. Despite Olga's claims that she did her best raising Meteora, Meteora punches her into a wall, deactivating her once again.