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Rhina Cosma, also known as Rhina the Riddled, is the 32nd Queen of the Kingdom of Fairy World,[1] the daughter of Crescenta Cosma, and Timmy Turner's third great-godgrandmother. She is featured in The Fairly OddParents: The Magic Book of Spells.


Rhina is a young woman with fair cream skin, curly orange waist-length hair, and green eyes. She wears a long flowing green dress with yellow fringes, brown-rimmed glasses, various gold wristbands, and a gold crown with a red diamond in the center. She is 5' 5" (1.65 m) tall.[1]


Rhina had a strong love of riddles, so much so that she actually declared a national holiday dedicated to riddles. She had little interest in politics, preferring to devote her time to solving puzzles.

Rhina is also inclined to take the easy way out. When she was forced into marriage, she cast a spell on herself to make her love the groom and later used another spell to end her relationship with him.


Note: The following information is from The Fairly OddParents: The Magic Book of Spells.

Rhina inherited the Royal Magic Wand and the throne of Fairy World from her mother Crescenta when she came of royal age. However, throughout Rhina's time as Queen, she had little to moderate involvement in all royal politics and proceedings, many of which were supervised or fully handled by the more politically-inclined Crescenta. Most of Rhina's daily time was spent in the company of her best friend Lady Gyoza, whom she had known since childhood, and coming up with new riddles.

One of Rhina's notable acts as Queen was establishing "National Riddle Day" on her birthday, though it would be met with lukewarm reception. Sometime in her adulthood, Rhina was arranged to marry John Roachley, a second cousin to the Lucitor family. Having had no romantic feelings for the demon, Rhina cast a spell to make herself fall in love with him. The two later wed, and Rhina was impregnated with her daughter Celena.

It is implied, in Rhina's entries in the Magic Book of Spells, that Roachley was cruel to her during their marriage, and she cast a spell to break his heart. However, the spell worked so well that it resulted in Roachley's unintended death. It is unclear if the Lucitor family was aware of Roachley's cause of death, but this "incident" would strain relations between the Cosma family and the Lucitors for years to come. Rhina eventually passed the Royal Magic Wand and the Book of Spells to her daughter Celena.

In "The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse", Rhina appears as a voiceless ghost inside Glossaryck's eye. In "Cleaved", she appears as a ghost again in the Realm of Magic as Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Eclipsa destroy the magic.


  • There are two possible origins to Rhina's name:
    • Rina is a feminine name in the Sanskrit language meaning "melted" or "dissolved", and also a Hebrew name meaning "song" or "joy".
    • Rhona is a Welsh name meaning "fair lance", "fair", or "slender".
  • Rhina's attributes in The Magic Book of Spells are:
    • Strength: 14
    • Intelligence: 11
    • Wisdom: 10
    • Wrist Power: 20
    • Constitution: 17
    • Charisma: 3
  • Rhina's royal inscription states that destruction will come following the fourth generation of Queens after her. This could be a reference alluding to several things: Meteora destroying Butterfly Castle; the destruction of the Book of Spells; or most likely, foreshadowing the destruction of magic itself.
  • At one point, Rhina cast a spell on Reynaldo the Bald Pate that forced him to speak in riddles forever more, in an attempt to make him more interesting.
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