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Poof Fairywinkle-Cosma is the son of Cosmo and Wanda, whose most notable spoken word is "Poof", which Timmy decides upon as his name. He was born to Cosmo and Wanda in the episode, "Fairly Odd Baby" after his parents decided that they wanted to have a child despite the destruction that his father had caused after inheriting the Royal Magic Wand. Poof is voiced by Tara Strong in the cartoon and live-action, Fairly Odd Movie. Poof's first spoken words in the live-action movie are voiced by Randy Jackson while he later speaks in the cartoon in the episode, "School of Crock." Poof also made a small cameo on T.U.F.F. Puppy in the episode, "Mall Rat" as a fountain statue in his fish form.

While Poof was absent from the beginning of Season 10, the reason being to prevent too many characters from being in one episode, he returns in "Certifiable Super Sitter," which is his only appearance in the season.


Poof Fairywinkle-Cosma is the baby of Cosmo and Wanda, and fairy brother of Timmy and Chloe. He first appeared in the episode, Fairly Odd Baby. He was wished up by Timmy as Cosmo and Wanda were desperate for a child of their own. Also, he is the only fairy baby in existence.


He has one dark purple hair tress and purple eyes. He wears a light purple shirt with a black x-out and white slippers, and he is round unlike anti-fairy babies who are square.


Not much is known for sure about Poof's personality before the most recent episode. Since he was only a baby and typically could only say his name, yet other characters were easily charmed by him,—even Vicky's cold heart was momentarily melted by him in "Wishology." Only Foop seems to be aware that Poof is just repeating his name when they competed against each other for Class President at Spellementary School, and Poof's "speech" consisted of him doing just that, yet he was able to win over his classmates easily. This same incident also occurred in "Love Triangle" when Poof was able to out-act Foop for the role of Mr. Cookie in the school play, by once again simply repeating his name. This is also seen in "Timmy's Secret Wish" when he could get Timmy a retrial when Foop could not. In "School of Crock," Poof starts speaking fully for the first time after trying to throughout the episode. Before this, he could say one or two words at a time. Poof loves impersonating celebrities, some include Elvis, Trump, and the Terminator. More secrets will be revealed in later episodes.


Poof was born on February 18, 2002 (according to a picture of his birth certificate from a promo of the episode Fairly Odd Baby.)