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Princess Lilacia Pony Head,[9][3] sometimes called Flying Princess Pony Head or just simply Pony Head,[1] is a princess from the Cloud Kingdom of Fairy World and one of Timmy's best friends.

She previously attended St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses because of her rambunctious behavior. After headmistress Miss Heinous and her faculty were overthrown and driven out of the school in the episode "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses", Pony Head helped turn the reform school into a party planet.


Pony Head is literally the head and neck of a unicorn without a body. She has light blue fur, a pink mane (which constantly flows and flutters), teal eyes with gold stars for pupils, and a teal, striped horn. On each side of her neck, there is a pink heart. Sparkles and glitter tend to fall out of the bottom of her neck, though this no longer happens following the destruction of magic.


Pony Head's most prominent character trait is being a party girl; she loves partying and dancing, sometimes getting carried away with it, as shown in "Party With a Pony". She can be quite bold and wild, as well as sarcastic and laid-back. She can also be quite competitive, as seen when she played video games with Timmy, and she can be rude and underhanded. She is also quite egotistical, as seen in "Sleepover", where she cites "Pony Head color" as her favorite color and that she has a crush on herself, and in "The Ponyhead Show!", where she makes her self-titled show all about herself and disregards her guests and fellow segment hosts.