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King Shastacan Spiderbite is a former king of Fairy World, a royal from the Forest of Unlikely Spider Bites, and the ex-husband of Eclipsa. He is first indirectly mentioned in "Into the Wand", he appears physically in "Fairy Trap", and his history is expanded upon in The Fairly OddParents: The Magic Book of Spells.


Shastacan is an adult man with powdery cream skin and black eyes. He wears a white powdered wig, a pale blue ruffled shirt, a Persian blue overcoat with gold epaulettes, dark blue slacks, white knee-length boots, a long purple cape, and a gold crown with a pink diamond in the center. He also has a thin black mustache and a mole on his left cheek.


According to The Fairly OddParents: The Magic Book of Spells, Shastacan was a prince of the Spiderbite Kingdom and the second-born son of Lord Styneworthe and Lady Sinew; as such, his older brother would inherit the throne while he would receive no title or status in the royal court. He became part of an arrangement between the Spiderbites and the Fairywinkle family to unite the two kingdoms in solidarity.

Shastacan met Eclipsa Fairywinkle at the Silver Bell Ball during the reign of Eclipsa's mother Queen Solaria. However, Eclipsa was repulsed by him, especially since she was already in a secret relationship with the size-shifting monster Globgor.

After Solaria's death and Eclipsa ascended to the throne of Fairy World, Shastacan and Eclipsa were married in accordance with Solaria's will, and Eclipsa grew even more disgusted by his presence. At first, Shastacan was aware that his and Eclipsa's marriage was only out of obligation to their respective kingdoms, but over time he claimed to have fallen in love with her and wanted her to bear his children. When Eclipsa told Shastacan that she was in love with Globgor and hoped their union would bring lasting peace between fairies and monsters, he laughed at her, believing she was joking.

Eclipsa eventually abandoned Shastacan and the kingdom of Fairy World in order to be with Globgor, as revealed in "Into the Wand" and "Butterfly Trap". After Shastacan read Eclipsa's entries in the Magic Book of Spells and learned of her forbidden monster romance, he ordered Eclipsa's capture and crystallization. As revealed in "Fairy Trap" and "Skooled!", he also orchestrated the cover-up of Eclipsa's half-monster daughter Meteora by having her sent to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses and replaced with the peasant girl Festivia.

The Magic High Commission were the ones who raised Festivia, telling her that Shastacan and Eclipsa had been devoured by monsters. In "Surviving the Spiderbites", Eclipsa reveals that Shastacan was indeed devoured by Globgor.