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Janna Ordonia is Timmy, Chloe, Mr. Pants, and Brandon's neighbor and one of the main characters. She is Cosmo and Wanda's godchild alongside Timmy Turner, Chloe Carmicheal, Mr. Pants and Brandon.

She is voiced by Abby Elliott and was introduced in Friend Like Timmy and Chloe.


Janna has short dark-blue hair and brown eyes. She usually appears wearing an olive green shirt, a turquoise jacket, a yellow skirt, brown boots, and an olive green beanie hat.


Janna has been shown to be highly intelligent and somewhat of a troublemaker.

She also has a liking for macabre things. In "Interdimensional Field Trip", she suggests the class take a trip to a morgue when Timmy proposes going someplace "fun", becomes "BFFs" with a living skeleton, and she is excited to see the universe's most dangerous creature. In "Hungry Larry", she gladly goes along with summoning the titular spirit. In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", she puts together a séance (with Chloe's help) in hopes of seeing the ghost of the long-deceased titular clown.

Janna's role as a troublemaker is confirmed when she appears in detention with Chloe, Serge, Ingrid, and Toby in "Detention' Day Out". Janna also shows herself to be very strategic when cutting class with Chloe.

Additionally, Janna can be irresponsible and inattentive, as shown in "Meteora's Lesson" when she spends her task of babysitting Meteora playing on her phone, completely unaware when Meteora goes time-traveling with Glossaryck.

Despite her liking for weird things, Janna is genuinely upset in "Jannanigans" about not being to remember how she traveled to Fairy World, and apologizes to Timmy for not being more helpful.