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Fairy World is the homeworld of the Fairies. It is a magical realm that exists in the clouds, connected to Earth by means of a Rainbow Bridge.

In "Cleaved", the planet of Fairy World is merged together with Earth and all the other planets, creating a brand new planet that features the locations and landmarks of all.


  • Fairywinkle-Cosma Kingdom: Capital of Fairy World, home to the Fairywinkle-Cosma family. As of "Divide and Conquer", the capital lies in ruins.
    • Fairywinkle-Cosma Castle: The castle of the royal family.
      • Tapestry Room: A room in where the previous queens of Fairy World are depicted in tapestry. Timmy calls it the "Godgrandma Room".
    • Fairywinkle-Cosma Groundlands: The area immediately surrounding Fairywinkle-Cosma Castle, which includes a village.
      • Marketplace: A common marketplace found within the village.
  • Cosma Kingdom: The kingdom of the Cosmas. Located to the east of Fairywinkle-Cosma Castle.
  • Castles: A pair of castles near to Fairywinkle-Cosma Castle.
    • Castle Avarius: The castle in which Ludo and his army previously dwelled. Used to belong to his family before he changed the locks while they were vacationing and took it for his own. It was destroyed in "Storm the Castle", and later rebuilt by Dennis Avarius under his ownership in "Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell".
  • Forest of Certain Death: A dangerous forest occupied by carnivorous plants and monsters, seen in "Fairly OddBaby".
    • Hydra's Lair: The lair of the Hydra.
    • Castle Avarius II: A dilapidated house that Ludo's parents moved into after he took control of their castle, seen in "Face the Music".
  • Rat bar: A small bar for rats to socially interact and eat porridge.
  • Buff Frog's house: The house where Buff Frog lives with his adopted tadpole children.
  • Corn mine: An underground mine that Ludo used to make monsters grind corn for him. After Ludo abandons it, a group of "alternative monsters" moves in sometime before "Raid the Cave".
  • Monster Temple: Ludo's new home in the mountains that he and his rats, eagle, and spider moved into sometime after "Is Mystery". Destroyed in "Fairycrushed". In "Fairy Bash", it is revealed to be where Eclipsa and her monster husband lived and raised their daughter, Meteora. In season 19, Eclipsa has the temple rebuilt, refurbished, and made into her new castle.
    • New Monstertown: A growing village established at the base of the Monster Temple.
  • Sanctuary: A magic sanctuary/hiding place for the Fairywinkle-Cosma families and Magic High Commission.
  • Johansen Kingdom: The kingdom of the Johansens, King River's born family. Located to the south of Fairywinkle-Cosma Castle.
  • Pigeon Kingdom: The kingdom of the pigeons. Located to the west of Fairywinkle-Cosma Castle.
  • Jaggy Mountains: The kingdom of the Jaggy royal family.
  • Forest of Unlikely Spider Bites: The kingdom of the Spiderbite royal family.
  • Underworld: A sub-level kingdom located deep in the Fairy World underground. Ruled by the Lucitors, Tam's family.
  • Cloud Kingdom of the Pony Heads: A kingdom that spans Fairy World's entire sky, just below outer space. Ruled by the Pony Heads, Pony Head's family.
  • Kingdom of the Waterfolk: An undersea kingdom that encompasses all of Fairy World's oceans. Ruled by the Waterfolk.
  • Lake of Endless Suffering
  • Dam of Constant Sorrow
  • Bridge of the Inevitable Hereafter
  • Village of Monsters: A small village in Fairy World where a community of monsters resides.
  • Pie Island: A criminal island and the home of the Pie Folk. It contains a village, a port, and a volcano (filled with lukewarm tomato sauce) where the Pie Folk make their pies.
  • Village of Fairies: A fairy settlement, comprising of Cosmo, Wanda, and the fairies who were either forced to return their land to the monsters their ancestors took said land from, or simply left out of disgust over Eclipsa's rule.


  • "The Really Bad Day" reveals that fairy godparents must reap someone after a certain number of years.
  • In the episode "Fairly OddBaby", it is revealed that only male fairies give birth to babies.
  • Mrs. Turner mistakenly pronounces Fairy World as "Forest World" in "Sophomore Slump" despite previously saying it correctly in "Turner Family Vacation".
  • In the episode "Match Maker", it is revealed that kids in Fairy World do not take tests.
  • In the episode "Lobster Claws", Lobster Claws reveals that he and his fellow monsters, and Ludo, also come from Fairy World.
    • This is further evidenced in the episode "Fortune Cookies", as Toffee is able to view Butterfly Castle from Ludo's Castle.
    • In fact, "Fairypendance Day" revealed that the monsters actually lived on Fairy World before the first fairies.
  • Inhabitants of Mewni are called "Mewmans", a portmanteau of "Mewni" and "humans", as stated in "Mewnipendance Day".
  • "Sleep Spells" shows that the fairy idea of "Psychology" is launching someone into the distance with a catapult.
  • "Fortune Cookies" reveals that one of the foods of Fairy World are talking calzones that tell the eater how they are going to die.
  • In "Star on Wheels", Star mentions that there are invisible goats on Fairy World who pull various vehicles.
  • "On the Job" reveals that Fairy World's monarchy is segregationist. Despite that the fairies know how to grow corn, they are not allowed to openly share it with non-fairy residents.
  • Though "Turner Family Vacation" shows widespread poverty amongst the lower levels, later episodes do not show as much grime or filth amongst the citizens.
  • In "By the Book", when Glossaryck instructs Timmy to point his arms out at 11:00, Timmy asks "Earth 11:00 or Fairy World 11:00?", and Glossaryck answers, "They're the same," suggesting a similar time notation between the two planets.
    • However, in the #Fairly OddLIVE Live Chat (around 12:55), Timmy suggests that Fairy World's time notation is different than Earth's. It is most likely that the voice actors in the live chat forgot about this and got it wrong as they were just improvising.[1]
  • As of the end of Age of Magic "Cleaved", Fairy World has been ruled by 37 queens (not counting the repeated reigns of Wanda and Eclipsa).
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