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Episode begins in Eclipsa's tower at Fairywinkle-Cosma Castle at night. Timmy interrogates Eclipsa while writing on a notepad.
Timmy Turner Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Okay, and how exactly big was this portal?
Eclipsa [stammering] It was huge. I mean, massive.
Timmy [writing] "Ginormous portal..." And you say it was rainbow-colored?
Eclipsa Yes, all kinds of swirling colors. She went to it like a moth to a flame.
Timmy Ah, right, I know that one.
Eclipsa I'm so sorry. Wanda would have stopped her if I hadn't interfered. Now Meteora's heading this way.
Timmy [clicks pen] Don't worry, I'll take care of this. Guards!
Lady Whosits and Kyle Hup-hup-hup-hup-hup! [grab Timmy by the arms]
Timmy [yelps] Not me. [points at Eclipsa] Her.
Lady Whosits and Kyle [let go of Timmy] Hup-hup-hup-hup-hup!
Lady Whosits and Kyle lock Eclipsa in chains and to a giant metal ball.
Eclipsa Timmy, what are you going to do? What are you going to do to my daughter?!
Timmy Come on, guys.
Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, and Cosmo look back at Eclipsa while following Timmy out of the room.
Lady Whosits and Kyle Hup-hup-hup-hup-hup-hup!
Lady Whosits accidentally locks Kyle inside the tower.
Kyle Uh...
Lady Whosits Kyle?
Kyle [muffled through door] Uh, I-I'm in here.
Janna Ordonia Hey, you doing okay with this king thing?
Timmy Ugh! I'm not king. I'm acting king. Wanda's still out there!
Brandon Right! Right-right-right-right-right. Acting king! Well, are you doing okay, acting king?
Timmy Guys! I'm freakin' out, man!
Cosmo I know! I'm freakin' out, too! Being a king, it's like a... a big deal.
Timmy Mmmm...
Cosmo Sorry. Acting king.
Timmy Everybody's looking at me for decisions, but all I can think about is Wanda. [points at portrait of Wanda] Ohhh, what would Wanda do?
Mr. Pants Wha... What are you doing?
Timmy Waiting... for an answer.
A trumpet blares off-screen.
Timmy, Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, and Cosmo Aah!
Manfred King Timmy.
Timmy Acting king!
Manfred We have a situation that demands your attention. May I present Mr. Bugbert Swampington and his family.
Bugbert holds his family members – soulless and weightless – on balloon strings.
Brandon Aah! What happened to 'em?!
Bugbert Swampington Big monster ramp-ragin' through the countryside, gave 'em the eye and made 'em all floaty.
Janna Meteora.
Timmy Sir, I assure you the Fairywinkles and Cosmas are on this job, and we will fix this. You have my word.
Bugbert Yeah? All right.
Manfred [blows trumpet]
Timmy Manfred! Stop with the horn.
Manfred Sorry, my king. The scouting raven has returned with news of the monster.
Raven [squawking] The monster... It approaches... the castle! Must... fly away! [flies away]
Manfred What do we do, my king?
Timmy We're gonna figure it out.
Manfred Bless you, King! Bless you.
Scene cuts to the royal council room. Timmy bursts in by kicking the door open. The council consists of Sir Dashing of Muscleton, Sir Stabby, Hekapoo, Omnitraxus Prime, Rhombulus, Jorgen, Sir Scarsguard and his wife, and Lady Whosits.
Timmy Okay, everybody, hi. Thanks for coming. Look, Wanda is gone. Uh, she's coming back. Workin' on that. In the meantime, we need to come up with— Hey! What are you doing here?
Hekapoo Uh, counseling you?
Timmy No! No! No-no-no-no-no! I'm sorry, no liars allowed. Leave now! [uses his wand to open the door] Out, out, out, out! Go! Out!
Hekapoo, Jorgen, Rhombulus, and Omnitraxus leave.
Rhombulus Big mistake.
Jorgen You're gonna need us.
Omnitraxus Prime Omnitraxus Prime has spoken!
Timmy [closes the door] Ugh! Okay, here's where we're at. Meteora is on her way here right now to destroy us all, and so far, nobody has been able to stop her. Pretty serious. So I am opening up the floor for any ideas you've got. [laughs] C'mon, gang, there's no dumb suggestions! Sir Scarsguard! You've led the Fairy World army against legions of marauding monsters for three generations. You even taught me how to wield a sword. In this time of crisis, your expertise would—
Sir Scarsguard [holding hearing aid] What'd he say?
Lady Scarsguard He said that there's a monster that they want you—
Sir Scarsguard What?
Lady Scarsguard —you to go and fight, to be fighting the monster.
Sir Scarsguard I can't hear a word.
Lady Scarsguard [louder] There's a monster—
Sir Scarsguard Not a single word.
Lady Scarsguard —that they would like you—
Sir Scarsguard I must be out of batteries.
Lady Scarsguard You're not even trying. [to Timmy] You see? He acts like that thing doesn't work.
Timmy Okay, uh, thank you, Lord and Lady Scarsguard.
Lady Scarsguard Welcome to my life. [whimpers]
Timmy Okay... Sir Muscleton!
Sir Dashing of Muscleton What's up, baby boy?
Timmy ...What did you... What did you call me?
Sir Muscleton I think I called yooouuuu... baby boy.
Timmy blasts Sir Muscleton with his wand.
Sir Muscleton Aah!
Timmy Yeah, so Sir Dashing of Muscleton isn't gonna be able to help us. Guys, what do ya got?
Mr. Pants What about Mina Loveberry?
Timmy Oh, right, Mina! [laughs] Perfect! That nut mix is a one-woman army!
Lady Whosits Way ahead of you. We already sent Mina out to do just that.
Timmy [laughs] Great!
Lady Whosits And she lost.
Lady Whosits reveals Mina Loveberry's soulless and weightless body, and it floats across the room.
Timmy Ugh.
Two castle chefs enter the room.
Chef King Timmy?
Timmy Acting king!
Chef We just need to know what the royal kitchen should make for dinner.
Timmy Just choose anything!
Chef Queen Wanda always decided on the menu, not us.
Timmy Okay. Well, today's the day you start. Surprise me.
Chef Of course. What would you like us to surprise you with?
Timmy leaves the room and walks down the corridor, frustrated. Cosmo runs up to him.
Cosmo Timmy! Wait!
Timmy What is it, Cosmo?!
Cosmo I want to help you plan.
Timmy Oh, yes! Oh, thank you, Cosmo. How do we stop Meteora?
Cosmo No, I meant the dinner menu. I've got some ideas.
Timmy Ugh. Not helping, Cosmo.
Cosmo I'm sorry, Timmy, but you're king now. I've seen how strong you've grown. You'll figure it out. And whatever you decide, I'll back you! Think about a corn medley. Cornbread, cornmeal. That's an entire meal of corn.
Timmy [sighs] Thanks, Cosmo. I do love corn.
Scene cuts to Timmy's bedroom. Glossaryck chews on one of Timmy's boots. Timmy bursts in.
Timmy [groans]
Glossaryck Globgor! [runs off]
Timmy [sits on bed and picks up picture of Wanda] Waaaanda! Your job is really hard! I need your help. I can't do this alone. [sighs]
Glossaryck [sniffs Timmy's hand]
Timmy [picks up Glossaryck] Glossaryck, what do I do?
Glossaryck [nervous] Globgor...!
Timmy Argh! [tosses Glossaryck away]
Glossaryck Globgor!
Timmy [groans into his pillow]
Chloe [enters room] Uh, buddy? The chefs are working on dinner, but they wanted me to ask you about dessert.
Timmy Argh! How am I supposed to delegate anything to these cornheads?! Can't anybody here actually think for themselves without my mom around?!
Sir Lavabo enters with a rack of Timmy's clothes.
Sir Lavabo Good day, acting King Turner!
Timmy Finally, somebody gets it right.
Sir Lavabo I have your laundry, freshly pressed.
Timmy Thank you. Just leave it on the thing.
Sir Lavabo I've sorted it all from your favorite to least favorite color and removed a couple stains I found. I also re-dyed a few items to better compliment your skin tone.
Timmy Oh. Thank you. That's actually really helpful.
Sir Lavabo I also ironed your socks and re-hemmed your favorite dinosaur skirt.
Timmy Wow, that's amazing.
Sir Lavabo It seemed better to head off the problem before it got worse.
Timmy Why didn't I see it before?! Lavabo, it's you!
Sir Lavabo Me?
Chloe Him?!
Timmy You! [hugs Lavabo] Steadfast Lavabo, dependable Lavabo! Sir Lavabo, I have a job for you.
Chloe What?!
Sir Lavabo [holds Timmy's hand and kneels] My king, it would be an honor to serve you in any way—
Chloe No, no. No, no, no. [pushes Lavabo out of the room] Nuh-uh. No way. Can you, um... Can you please excuse us for just a...? [slams door] What are you thinking?! You can't send him!
Timmy Do you have a better plan, squire? Because I have been waiting to hear one all day!
Chloe ...Me. Send me.
Timmy You? Chloe, no offense, but it's gonna take more than a red belt to defeat Meteora.
Chloe Oh? [turns into her mewberty form] You forget I have 10 years of experience fighting thousands of Hekapoos. [about to shoot magic] Go ahead! Hit me with your best spell!
Timmy Chloe, I'm not gonna fight you. [Chloe fires him with a heart blast] Ahh!
Chloe Weeeeaaaak!
Timmy Ugh. [turns into his mewberty from] Come on, Chloe, I really don't have time for this nonsense— Strawberry Shake Quake!
Timmy fires strawberries at Chloe. She uses the axe to slice them all in half, then catches half a strawberry in her hand.
Chloe Come on, Timmy! I said your best spell! [eats strawberry]
Timmy Narwhal Blast!
Timmy launches narwhals at Chloe, and he punches them all away. One flies over Timmy's head and into the wall.
Narwhal Rude!
Chloe My turn! Ninja Star Blast!
Chloe fires ninja stars at Timmy, and they cut through his hair.
Timmy Ugh! Not cool!
Chloe points her butt at Timmy.
Timmy Warnicorn Stampede!
Timmy summons a stampede of warnicorns to charge at Chloe.
Warnicorns [whinnying and neighing]
Chloe uses a grappling hook to dodge two warnicorns' punches, and they punch each other. She swings around the room and kicks the other warnicorns in the face, knocking them over.
Chloe Sparkle Kitten Firework Shower!
Timmy flies up and spins around with the spiked flail to knock the flying kittens away. Glossaryck watches the battle while chewing on Timmy's boot.
Timmy (o.s.) Honeybee Tornado Swarm!
A swarm of honeybees flies at Chloe. She dispatches them off-screen. Chloe is surrounded by sliced strawberries, fallen narwhals, and warnicorns.
Chloe [panting, laughing] Is that all you got? Cupcake blast!
Chloe fires cupcakes at Timmy.
Timmy [growling] Spider With a Top Hat Blast!
Timmy summons Spider With a Top Hat.
Spider With a Top Hat Waaaar cryyyy!
Spider blasts Chloe with the laser minigun in his top hat. Chloe deflects the shots with a sword.
Timmy [screaming]
Chloe [screaming]
Timmy [screaming]
Glossaryck Glooooobgor!
Spider [grunting]
When Spider runs out of ammo, he falls on the floor with a squeak. The room is a complete mess.
Timmy and Chloe [panting]
Timmy Okay. Not bad, Carmichael.
Chloe [laughs] Told you!
Timmy lifts up the front of Chloe's shirt to look at her bare chest.
Chloe No, Timmy, I don't have abs.
Timmy Just checking. Look, just because you can take on my spells doesn't mean you can take on Meteora. I don't know if anyone can.
Chloe Wanda can. You heard what Eclipsa said. If she hadn't interfered, Wanda would have beaten Meteora. I don't have to stop her. I just have to buy you time to find Wanda and bring her back.
Timmy Okay. We gotta divide and conquer. You keep Meteora from reaching the castle while I go find Wanda.
Chloe How are you gonna do that?
Timmy Wanda is stuck in the magic dimension. I gotta go there to find her.
Chloe But that's where you lost your memory. That's really dangerous.
Timmy I know, but... I don't have a choice. Okay. As acting king, I order you, my squire Chloe Carmichael, to do whatever it takes to stop Meteora from reaching Butterfly Castle.
Chloe I accept my orders.
Timmy [blushes, turns away] Okay, well, then you get started on that order right away.
Chloe Hey, Timmy. You know, you don't have to pretend to be strong around me. I'm your best friend.
Timmy Mmmm! Ugh! I need a hug! [whimpers]
Timmy and Chloe hug.
Timmy I'm really scared.
Chloe Yeah... Me, too.
Chef [bursts in] Hello, King Turner! Dinner is served!
Still hugging, Timmy and Chloe blush. They pull out of the hug and awkwardly shake hands.
Timmy Great talking!
Chloe Yes, thank you, friend!
Timmy Just a talk, bro!
Chef Uhhh... Anyway, we did what you said. We got creative!
The chef reveals a tray of corn gelatin.
Timmy Good first try.
Sir Lavabo Can I go now?
Scene cuts to black, then cuts to the Realm of Magic. Timmy comes through the portal in his mewberty form, then changes back to his normal form. A small unicorn washes up next to him on a wave of gold water.
Unicorn Oh, hey! It's you! You wanna paddle around with me?
Timmy Oh, no! No-no-no-no-no way, buster! If I have fun with you, I'll forget who I am and be stuck here forever.
Unicorn Yeah! Doesn't that sound great?!
Timmy Nice try, but this time I came prepared!
Timmy takes out his compact mirror phone.
Phone [buzzes]
Timmy (Recording) You are Timmy Turner. You must find Wanda and bring her home.
Timmy I am Timmy Turner. I must find Wanda and bring her home.
Unicorn Okay, have fun! I'll see ya soon!
Scene cuts to a forest outside the Fairywinkle-Cosma Groundlands. Janna marches back and forth.
Brandon I've called you all here because you're the most cunning, the most agile, the most experienced, hardest-hitting wahoos I know.
Kelly, Jorby, Mark Chang, Mark's dragoncycle, Hekapoo, and Nachos all stand in a row.
Janna (o.s.) Each of you were hand-picked for your specific set of skills. Hekapoo's basically a one-woman army, and she's also on fire.
Hekapoo creates a clone of herself.
Janna (o.s.) Mark is... is really big, and I think Hekapoo has a crush on him, but it's probably just because of his body.
Mark Chang Wait, what?
Hekapoo and clone [shrugs]
Janna (o.s.) And then Jorby and Kelly...
Kelly sharpens one of her swords on Jorby's teeth.
Janna They're, um... well... Kelly's got a lot of swords! Anyway, I feel proud to call you my "Jan-nificent Seven".
Jorby [speaking gibberish]
Kelly Oh, yeah, good point. You're right, Jorby. Yeah, Jorby says, uh, your math is off. Yeah, there's only, uh... There's only four of us here plus you. That's five. Two short of a seven.
Pony Head appears with an axe blade mounted on her horn.
Pony Head They forgot about me!
Hekapoo Uh...
Mark Who's that?
Janna No, I-I didn't forget about you. I... You're late. And what is that thing on your head?
Pony Head Oh, that's just my battle axe. I'm basically like a cyborg now. I could change into anything I want. Mascara brush. Little tiny Pony Head. Chainsaw!
Janna Okay, I get it, Pony Head. Talon! What are you doing?
Mark [holding box of sunglasses] What am I doin'? I'm handing out shades for our group victory photo.
Mr. Pants We're not doing a group photo.
Mark Dude, every group I've ever run with takes a cool sunglasses group shot.
Talon takes out a set of photos with Talon posing with Little League baseball teams, all wearing sunglasses.
Mr. Pants Are... Are those... Little League teams?
Mark Little?! There's nothin' little about them! You don't know what it's like to be alone on the field, your friends covered in boo-boos and ouchies.
Tam Lucitor (o.s.) Hey!
Tam appears out of a hole in the ground, her eyes glowing and flames from her palms propelling her upward.
Tam Listen to your commander.
Mr. Pants Ha! See? I told you there were seven of us. Boom. Eat that, Kelly.
Pony Head Earth Turd! Are you gonna tell us the plan or what?
Chloe Oh, yes. The plan is simple. We're gonna build... the Doom Nut!
Tam makes a fire behind Chloe's head to make her look more dramatic. Chloe takes out a sword and draws a diagram in the dirt.
Janna Jorby and Kelly, you're gonna make a huge dugout circle. Mark and Pony Head will fill it with wood. When Meteora steps inside, Tam's gonna set the wood on fire, trapping her in a flaming prison.
Pony Head Ohhhh! "Doom Nut"! Because it looks like a doughnut! Earth Turd, that is very clever. I am into this plan.
Janna I'll open up the floor to questions if there's anything you'd like to ask me about the plan or this thing in my hand that I'm holding.
Tam Oh. Well, I'll just take the bait here. Where did you get that sword, Janna?
Janna Oh! This old thing? Funny you should ask. This is "El Choppo". I got this sword from the mists of the Never Zone when I was in my early 30s, and it's still even got some dried blood on it. Any other questions? Yes, Kelly?
Kelly Wait, how are we going to convince her to step into what is an obvious trap?
Pony Head You know, I'm no longer into this plan.
Chloe Simple, Kelly. We use the best bait. Me. [points El Choppo at Tam]
Tam Aah! Dude.
Chloe Sorry.
Scene cuts back to Timmy running through the Realm of Magic.
Timmy Find Wanda. Find Wanda. Find Wanda. Find Wanda. Find Wanda.
Giant jellyfish-like creatures float over Timmy's head.
Timmy [mesmerized] Whoa...
Phone [buzzes]
Timmy Aah!
Timmy (Recording) You are Timmy Turner. You must find Wanda and bring her home.
Timmy Right! Find Wanda!
As more jellyfish rise out of the water, Timmy grabs one, and it carries him up into the air. Scene cuts back to Fairy World; Kelly directs Jorby to dig the trench.
Kelly [imitating back-up warning] Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Click-click!
Pony Head chops wood from the trees with her axe-topped horn. Talon and his dragoncycle drag more wood toward the trench.
Tam Whoo! I'm beat! [chuckles, drinks water from canteen]
Janna Dude! Save some for us.
Tam [with mouth full] Oh, my bad. [spits water back into canteen] Well, here you go.
Janna Ugh... [dumps water out of canteen]
Tam Guys, you know, I-I kind of treated Timmy bad sometimes. Like that ping-pong game, or the... the Blood Moon Ball, those Mackie Hand tickets, Naysaya...
Janna I-I get it, Tam.
Tam The monster arm.
Mr. Pnats That wasn't you.
Tam It wasn't? Anyway, look, the-the point is, I actually think you're a great dude. Whatever happens today, we'll make it through.
Janna Thanks, Tam. I'm really glad you're here.
Scene cuts back to the Realm of Magic. Timmy lets go of the jellyfish and lands on a small crystal cliff.
Timmy [calling out] Wanda?! Find Wanda, find Wanda, find Wanda. Find... mmm... mmm... mmm...
Marshmallows start popping out of the ground. Timmy catches one in his hand.
Timmy Marshmallow?
Lizards pop out of the ground, bring marshmallows up with them.
Timmy Marshmallow? [mesmerized] Ooohhh, a marshmallow!
Timmy climbs over a ridge, eating a marshmallow, and find a black-coated unicorn drinking from the stream.
Timmy Whatcha drinkin'?
Black Unicorn [startled whinny]
Timmy It's okay. I'm not gonna hurt ya.
The black unicorn backs away and sinks into the water.
Timmy [whispering] Please don't go. Huh?
Timmy notices his hands covered in black.
Timmy [gasps] Find Wanda! Find Wanda, find Wanda, find Wanda, find Wanda, find Wanda, find Wanda, find...
Timmy follows the streak of black water in the stream. Back on Fairy World, Kelly and Jorby suit up in armor. Tam, dressed in Chinese-style armor, ties a top knot in her hair and makes a small flame in her hand. Mark opens two cans of corn oil with his tentacle and feeds them to his UFO and Nachos.
Talon [squawks] Whoo-whoo!
The two dragoncycles speed away, and Mark tosses a horse helmet into the air, and Pony Head catches it on her head. With Hekapoo, the six warriors stand shoulder-to-shoulder.
Pony Head Um, I cannot see! Can everyone else see? 'Cause I cannot!
Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, and Cosmo are dressed as princesses.
Janna All right, Jan-nificent Seven, it's go time.
Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, and Cosmo fly away on.
Mark Who... Who was that?
Tam That was... Those are Timmy's godsiblings.
Mark ...He's gonna look great in that photo.
Back in the Realm of Magic, Timmy finds black handprints on the crystal walls.
Timmy Find Wanda, find Wanda, find Wanda, find Wanda, find Wanda, find Wanda, find Wa—
In a small grotto, Timmy finds Wanda. She is naked with her hair covering her body, and she splashes water on her face.
Timmy Wanda!
When Wanda turns to face Timmy, her black left eye turns to normal.
Wanda Hello there.
Timmy [runs up and hugs Wanda] Wanda! Wanda, you might not remember who you are or who I am, but I'm here to take you home.
Wanda What's "home"?
Timmy [laughs nervously] Okay, you are Wanda—
Phone [buzzes]
Timmy (Recording) You are Timmy Turner.
Wanda I am Timmy Turner.
Timmy Aah! No-no-no-no! Shut up, me! You are Wanda! [shows Wanda pictures of her and her godfamily] Look. This is you. And this is Cosmo. Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, and I are your godchildren. We are your godfamily. Do you remember?
Phone [buzzes]
Timmy (Recording) You are Timmy Turner.
Wanda I am Timmy Turner.
Timmy Argh! [throws phone away, grabs Wanda's arm] You are comin' with me!
Wanda Where are we going?
Timmy We are going home... [mesmerized] I have no idea.
Back on Fairy World, Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, and Cosmo are in their mewberty form.
Cosmo [acting] Woe is me! A rebel princess in distress named Turdina!
Brandon [acting] Nachos, my precious steed, what will I do?
Something approaches with loud footsteps, and a flock of crows flies out of the trees.
Janna All right, guys, stick to the plan.
The monster from "Chloe and the King" emerges from the trees.
Monster Are you okay?
Mr. Pants Uh, sorry. Looking for a different monster.
Monster I just thought you needed help.
Janna Yeah... Actually, hey, we could really use your help!
Monster Huh. Well, now it just kind of feels weird. I don't know. Good luck finding your monst—
Something suddenly zaps the monster and sucks out his soul. He floats up into the air, revealing Meteora, who has grown to giant monster size.
Meteora Fairywinkle [singsong] I'm right here!
Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, and Cosmo Huh?!
Janna ducks under Meteora's soul ray and gets on Nachos. Meteora approaches, and Janna has trouble starting Nachos' engine.
Janna Really?!
With one last push on the pedal, Janna starts Nachos' engine and flies away from Meteora. Meteora's soul ray hits Nachos mid-flight, and she sucks out Nachos' soul. Janna dangles helplessly from Nachos' handlebars.
Cosmo Whoa-ho! [falls, screams]
As Cosmo falls out of the sky, Kelly and Jorby catch him and run from Meteora. Meteora chases after them and blasts Jorby with her soul ray. Cosmo and Kelly fall to the ground, and Jorby's body floats off into the sky.
Kelly Jorby!
Meteora emerges from the trees.
Janna Go! Go-go-go-go-go!
Meteora [roars]
Mr. Pants Now, Tam!
Tam sets the wood in the dug trench on fire. Mr. Pants and Kelly run out of the ring of fire before it closes.
Meteora Huh? Aah!
Tam Hey, "Mete-normous"! Looks like you're trapped!
Meteora is surrounded by a ring of fire.
Cosmo I think... I think we did it!
Meteora Graaah!
Meteora uses her tail to blow the flames away. She looks at Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Cosmo, Kelly, and Pony Head, and they slowly back away.
Kelly Hey, what's the plan now?
Janna ...Run.
Back in the Realm of Magic, Timmy watches the jellyfish fly through the sky while Wanda splashes her feet in the water.
Timmy Whatcha doin' over there?
Wanda I don't know. Feels good though.
Timmy I want to feel good, too. Let me try.
Timmy takes off one of his shoes, and a small slip of paper falls out.
Timmy What the...?
Timmy reads the slip of paper. It reads "YOU ARE TIMMY TURNER!"
Timmy What are these symbols?
Phone [buzzes]
Multiple compact phones fall out of Timmy's shoe.
Timmy (Recordings) [overlapping] You are Timmy Turner. You must find Wanda and bring her home. You are Timmy Turner. You must find Wanda and bring her home.
Timmy I'm... Timmy... Turner! Oh, no! It's happening again! Wanda! Wanda, Wanda, get up!
Wanda Huh?
Timmy transforms to his mewberty form.
Timmy We have to go right now! [opens portal]
Wanda Ooh! What is that? It's amazing!
Timmy [stares at portal, mesmerized] Whoa... It is amazing! [transforms back into his normal form]
Back on Fairy Wolrd, Meteora searches for Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, and Cosmo under a bunch of rocks.
Meteora Turdina! I know we've had our issues, but it's nothing we can't talk about!
Chloe [panting, flies behind another rock] Come on, Timmy! Hurry up!
Meteora picks up the rock Chloe is hiding behind and crushes it in her hand. She then tries to stomp on her with her foot.
All Aah!
Hekapoo's clones stop Meteora's foot.
Hekapoo Clone [straining] Guys! Guys, get up!
Hekapoo Clones [groaning]
Meteora stomps the Hekapoo clones flat while Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, and Cosmo run away. They jump behind a log and join Tam and the real Hekapoo.
Tam I don't know how much more we can take of this.
Meteora (o.s.) Hey!
Meteora shields herself from one of Kelly's swords.
Meteora You could've put out someone's eye!
Kelly hurls her swords at Meteora. Meteora blocks them with her arm and blasts her soul rays at Kelly, who dodges them. Mark and Pony Head ride Mark's UFO toward Meteora.
Pony Head Mark, launch me!
Mark You got it!
Mark's cannon launches Pony Head at Meteora. She lightly hits Meteora's shoulder and falls to the ground.
Pony Head I don't hear nothin'. She's dead, right? I won?
Meteora uses her soul ray on Pony Head and sucks out her soul. Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, Cosmo, Tam, and Hekapoo look horrified.
Chloe Where's Timmy?
Back in the Realm of Magic, Timmy and Wanda run past the open portal.
Wanda [laughing]
Timmy Whoo! ♪ La-la-la... ♪
The portal closes. Scene cuts to black, then cuts back to the Realm of Magic.
Timmy Okay, okay, me next, me next, me next! Who am I?
Timmy uses crystals and a patch of grass to make himself look like Cosmo.
Wanda Oh! Oh! Oh! I... don't know.
Timmy Me, neither!
Timmy and Wanda [laughing]
Timmy Got your unicorn! [grabs unicorn and runs away]
Wanda Not for long! [chases Timmy]
Timmy [laughing]
Wanda [laughing]
Timmy runs up to a waterfall flowing upward.
Timmy Hmm?
Timmy tosses the unicorn into the waterfall, and it floats up into the sky.
Wanda [laughing] Where's my unicorn?
Timmy I don't know. Watch. [picks up a lizard] Watch, watch.
Timmy tosses the lizard into the waterfall, and it floats up into the sky.
Wanda Oh, that looks super-duper fun.
Timmy [with his hair in the waterfall] Well, it ain't half bad. You should try it.
Wanda Cannonball!
Wanda jumps into the waterfall and floats up into the sky. When she reaches the top, she emerges in the Red Planet.
Unicorn [whinnies]
Wanda [picks up unicorn] Oh, what are you doing here? You're coming with me. [dives back in the water]
Scene cuts back to the Realm of Magic, at the bottom of the waterfall.
Timmy [singing] Where'd the hairy lady go? I don't know, I don't know.
Phone [buzzes]
Timmy Ohhh!
Timmy takes out his compact mirror phone.
Timmy (Recording) You are Timmy Tur—
Timmy tosses the phone into the waterfall before the recorded message finishes playing.
Wanda [pops out of waterfall] Hey!
Timmy [gasps]
Wanda Guess what I found?
Timmy Butter?
Wanda A unicorn!
Unicorn Hi.
Timmy Cool! Where'd you find that?
Wanda Oh, just in the other world at the top of the waterfall.
Timmy Another world?!
Timmy looks at multiple upward-flowing waterfalls.
Wanda [to unicorn] I'll always take care of you.
Timmy [runs toward the waterfalls]
Wanda U-Uh, hey, where are you going?
Timmy To see if there's more worlds. Come on!
Wanda [tosses unicorn back in the waterfall] Okay! [follows Timmy]
Back on Fairy World, Meteora lies on the ground and squeezes Pony Head's lifeless body like a squeaky toy.
Meteora Turdina! [tosses Pony Head away] I'm getting bored! Well, I guess I'll just be on my way. [walks toward Fairywinkle-Cosma]
The godfamily watches Meteora walk away while hiding with Kelly, Tam, Hekapoo, and Mark.
Janna All right, we gotta come up with a new plan.
Hekapoo Oh, I got one. Let's run for it! We could just hang at the tavern, wait for this thing to blow over.
Mark I agree.
Kelly Uh, that does sound pretty good.
Mr. Pants Oh, come on, guys! We're on a mission from the acting king!
Mark Wait! He's not even king?!
Hekapoo Guys. The plan didn't work, man.
Tam Well, of course it didn't work! I thought we all knew that when he named it the "Doom Nut".
Brandon Aw, come on.
Tam Look, we're not following their plans because they're good. We're following them because they're Timmy's godfamily. He is gonna come up with another terrible plan, and when that one doesn't work out, he'll come up with another, and then another. That's why he's our leader, 'cause he's just dumb enough to never give up.
Chloe looks touched by Tam's words.
Hekapoo Um, yeah, that's true.
Kelly Yeah!
Mark Hey, uh, inspirational speech and all, but I ain't gettin' my dang soul sucked out of me!
Tam We'll take a group photo.
Mark I'm in.
Kelly Well, what are we gonna do about those eyes?
Mark Um, we could put some shades on her. That'll keep her cool.
Hekapoo Ugh, Mark!
Tam Geez, man!
Kelly Come on!
Mark Oh! Only Turdina can come up with ideas!
Chloe Guys... I got a plan.
Scene cuts to the Magic Sanctuary. Timmy and Wanda pop out of the well of magic.
Timmy and Wanda Ohhh!
Wanda I've never seen anything like it.
Timmy [points at statues of Glossaryck] Who's the guy with the hot dog head?
Wanda Oh, he's creepy.
Timmy But I like it.
Timmy and Wanda go back down the waterfall and go up a different waterfall. They end up in a world blocked off by a wooden sewer grate, which they hit their heads on.
Timmy and Wanda Oof!
Timmy Hey!
Wanda Let's see what's up there. [pushes against sewer cover, straining] This is dumb. This world is dumb. Let's go.
Timmy Okay!
Timmy and Wanda [deep breath]
Timmy and Wanda go back down the waterfall and return to the Realm of Magic.
Timmy Where do you wanna go next?
Firstborn (o.s.) Hey!
The firstborn unicorn that Timmy created in "Toffee" discovers Timmy and Wanda.
Wanda What's that?
Timmy I don't know, but it has way too many legs.
Wanda What should we do?
Timmy Run! [laughing]
Timmy and Wanda run away from the firstborn.
Wanda We have less legs than you, but we can still run!
Back on Fairy World, Mark struggles with the clasp on the back of Cosmo's Turdina bloomers.
Mark [grunting] How does this thing work, man?
Janna Just unhook the clasp in the back.
Mark Oop! Oh, there it is.
Janna Now get in position!
Mark Got it, ma'am!
Janna climbs up a tree. Hekapoo distracts Meteora by jumping in and out of dimensional portals. Meteora throws a tree at her.
Hekapoo Aah!
Brandon and Cosmo Over here!
Hekapoo runs in Brandon and Cosmo's direction and jumps through another portal.
Meteora Hey!
Hekapoo ends up on Earth, in Mr. Crocker's house.
Hekapoo Uh, hi?
Scene cuts back to Fairy World.
Meteora Your friends are doing all the fighting for you? Are you afraid, Turdina?
Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, and Cosmo We... fear... no one!
They leap onto Meteora and cover her eyes with her bloomers.
Meteora Ohhh!
Janna Kelly!
Kelly fires Mark's UFO harpoon and hooks it around a tree branch.
Kelly Floor it!
Mark drives around the trees, wrapping the harpoon's rope around the tree trunks.
Kelly Guys! We're good!
Janna Tam!
Tam, holding a demonic battle axe, starts chanting in a demonic tongue, covering her axe in heat. She flies around the trees, cutting through the trunks with the axe.
Tam Mark! Cinch the rope!
Mark drives away from the trees, causing the rope to pull taut and trap Meteora in trees.
Mark Yeah! That's how you do it!
Meteora [straining] You're only making things worse for yourself!
Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, and Cosmo Whoo!
They jump off of Meteora's head and floats gently to the ground using his dress as a parachute.
Meteora [grunting]
Janna Hey, nice work, guys.
Hekapoo I'm impressed. I was pretty sure Mark would mess it up.
Mark Hey! I'm a professional!
Mark accidentally revs his UFO's engine, causing it to pull away. Still connected to the harpoon's rope, Meteora falls over and rolls down the hill.
Meteora Whoa!
Janna Oh, no.
Mark [groaning]
Meteora Whoa-ho!
Tam I got this! [demonic chant]
Tam opens a fiery fissure in the ground that Meteora falls through.
Meteora [screams]
Tam And that takes care of that.
Tam claps her hands together, and the fissure closes shut.
Janna She's gone!
Back in the Realm of Magic, Timmy and Wanda hide from the firstborn behind a pair of see-through crystals.
Wanda Is it gone?
Timmy [looks for the unicorn] Hmm... Wait. What am I looking for? [gasps]
Wanda Aah!
Timmy Who are you?!
Wanda Uh, who are you?!
Timmy I'm... um...
Wanda suddenly vanishes in a flash of light.
Timmy [gasping] Where'd she go?
Firstborn She wasn't supposed to be here.
Timmy Aww. Well, now I'm all alone.
Firstborn You're not supposed to be here, either.
The firstborn's horn flashes brightly. Scene cuts back to Fairy World. Mark holds Nachos, Jorby, and Pony Head's floating bodies on ropes.
Kelly Are they gonna be okay?
Chloe I... I don't... I don't know.
Mark [tearing up] I guess it's time for that group photo. [sniffles] Get over here, guys. [takes out a selfie stick]
The earth quakes, and Meteora emerges from underground.
Meteora [laughing]
Mark Dang it.
Meteora blasts Mark with her soul ray and sucks out his soul.
Janna Run!
Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, Csomo, Tam, Kelly, and Hekapoo run away from Meteora's soul ray.
Tam Not today, you turd!
Tam shoots a fireball at Meteora. Meteora swats it back with her tail, and it flies toward Kelly. She gets hit and falls to the ground.
Kelly [groans] I'm okay! I'm okay.
Tad (o.s.) [weak voice] Kellyyyyy...!
Kelly Wait. What? Tad?
Camera pans up to reveal Kelly has some of her hair burned off. She sees Tad lying on the ground.
Tad Kellyyyyy...! Kellyyyyy...! [groans]
Kelly [tearing up] What are you doing here?! You were supposed to move out.
Tad I was just collecting the last of my... [coughs] ...things.
Kelly That's... really mature of y—
Tad And, uh, writing the greatest love poem of all time. Can I recite it for you?
Kelly You don't have to.
Tad Roses are red, your hair is blue. I was a bad boyfriend. I don't deserve... you. Just... let me go. I'm gonna... I'm gonna die now, baby.
Kelly Okay, no, you're not gonna die.
Tad What?
Kelly You're not gonna die.
Tad How do you know? Are you some kind of doctor or something? [coughs]
Kelly Because you never go away. That's the thing with you, Tad. You never go away! Every time I think you're gone, you're back, living inside my hair.
Tad But where am I 'upposed to go?
Kelly Live in the woods, Tad! Live in the woods!
Kelly suddenly gets hit by Meteora's soul ray and has her soul sucked out.
Tad [weakly] Kelllyyyyyyyy...! [groans]
Hekapoo tries escaping through another portal, but Meteora zaps her with her soul ray and sucks out her soul at the last second.
Meteora [inhales] Delicious! [singsong] Turdina!
Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, Cosmo, and Tam hide behind a rock.
Tam Guys, it's over. We're the only ones left. I don't think the Jan-nificent Two is enough to stop her.
Janna You're right, Tom, but someone needs to go warn Timmy. [draws his sword] I'll stay and buy you both some time.
Tom Whoa! Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! I'm not leaving you! You're... You're my best friend.
Chloe ...I... kissed Timmy.
Tom W... What?
Chloe Yeah, so you don't owe me anything. Now go—
The sound of Tom running away is heard.
Brandon Wow. No hesitation. [comes out from behind the rock] Hey!
Meteora Oh, hello, Turdina. I've been looking for you.
Mr. Pants [drops his sword] Well, I'm right here!
Meteora picks Marco up with her tail.
Janna Whoa! What are you doing?
Meteora You're a smart girl. Figure it out.
Janna But aren't you gonna savor this? I'm Princess Turdina!
Meteora Yes, I know. But I'm looking for a queen.
Just before Meteora blasts Marco with her soul ray, Tam jumps in the way.
Tam Rah!
Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, and Cosmo Tam!
Meteora Huh!
Janna What are you doing?
Tam [gasps] Calling your bluff!
Chloe No! I-I really did kiss Timmy!
Tam Oh. Well... it's too late now.
Meteora Let's try that again. [sucks out Tam's soul again]
Tam [groans]
Janna Tam!
Tam [gasps]
Mr. Pants You're... You're back?
Tam I have thousands of spirits in here!
Meteora [sucks out Tam's soul again...]
Tam [gasps] This might—
Meteora [...and again...]
Tam [gasps] ...take—
Meteora [...and again]
Tam [gasps] ...a while.
Meteora starts sucking out Tam's souls at a steady rate. She starts to grow even more in size.
Janna Huh? She's... She's getting bigger!
Tam I may not have—
Meteora [sucks out Tam's soul yet again...]
Tam [gasps] ...thought this through.
Meteora [...and once more]
Janna Tam!
Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, and Brandon squeeze out of Meteora's tail and jump into the air.
Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, and Brandon Hiiiiii-YAH!
Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, and Brandon kick Meteora in the face and knock her over. Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, and Tam fall to the ground.
Tam [groans] Oh, what happened? Chloe?! Janna?! Mr. Pants?! Brandon?!
Meteora Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon?!
Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, and Brandon Run...!
Meteora shoots her soul rays and covers the screen in white. Scene fades in on Cosmo standing over Timmy.
Cosmo What are you doing in bed? You're supposed to be looking for Wanda.
Timmy Cosmo. I had the most wonderful dream. There were unicorns with too many legs and marshmallows and Wanda. ...Wanda? [gasps] Wanda!
Cosmo You found Wanda! Where is she? I don't see her.
Timmy [sighs] No. I mean... I mean, I did. I did. But... [sighs] She was there. She was standing right next to me, and I let her get away.
Cosmo It's okay, dear. We'll just keep looking until we find her. Meteora! Then it has come to this! Ryah!
Cosmo tears off his clothes to reveal a loincloth underneath.
Cosmo [laughing]
Cosmo turns into his mewberty form, jumps out Timmy's bedroom window...
Timmy Cosmo!
...and flies away.
Cosmo Ha-ha! To battle!
Manfred My king, Lady Janna's expedition has returned.
Timmy runs out to the front of the castle.
Timmy [panting] Chloe! Janna! Mr. Pants! Brandon! Tam?
Tam [holding a rope] I tried, Timmy.
Timmy What happened? Where's Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, and Brandon?
Camera pans up to reveal Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, and Brandon's soulless body on the end of Tam's rope.
Timmy [gasps]
Scene cuts to black, then cuts back to the Fairywinkle-Cosma Groundlands, where Meteora destroys everything in her path. Cosmo fires at Meteora with lightning, but Meteora deflects it with her tail.
Cosmo Scatter!
Cosmo flies away and dodge Meteora's soul rays. Tam watches from the front of Fairywinkle-Cosma Castle.
Tam Timmy, she's right behind us. What do we do?
Timmy Wait a minute.
Tam Uh... Meteora?
Timmy I'm so dumb.
Tam What?
Timmy I'm an idiot!
Tam Uh... Oh, no. D-Don't say that.
Timmy How could I forget the Magic Sanctuary?
Tam What? But Meteora— Aah!
Timmy grabs Tam by the arm and pulls her along. They fly away from the castle on Cloudy's back.
Tam Timmy, where are we going?
Scene cuts to the pond where the Magic Sanctuary is located.
Timmy This is where me and Wanda brought the Magic High Commission when they were all balloonified. We obviously can't bring the whole kingdom here, but at least we can start with Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, and Brandon.
An alligator pokes its head out of the water.
Timmy There he is. [gives Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, and Brandon to Tam] Hold my balloon. [kneels down next to alligator] Bwah! Bwah! Bwah!
Alligator [blinks]
Timmy Bwaaah!
Tam He's lost his marbles.
Timmy Bwaaah!
Alligator Bwah.
The alligator crawls back into the water... and eats a fish.
Timmy What?! No! No, no, no, this is not how this works! Go get the Sanctuary!
Tam Wh-What did you think was gonna happen here?
Timmy I-I'm doing the thing Wanda showed me! You talk to the Guardian, he swims in, he goes down, the Sanctuary comes up out of the water. W-Why are you looking at me like that?
A single bubble pops next to the alligator.
Tam Timmy, I'm sorry.
Timmy It-It would have worked if Wanda was here.
Timmy and Tam hug each other.
Timmy But I'm not her. It's all over. [crying]
Tam [gives Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, and Brandon to Timmy and walks away]
Timmy Where are you going?
Tam [demonic chant]
Tam opens a door leading to the Underworld.
Tam Timmy, I promised Chloe, Janna, and Mr. Pants I'd keep you safe. We need to go. Meteora won't find us in the Underworld. We'll be safe and very, very warm.
Timmy looks down at the Underworld entrance. The soulless body of a fairy bumps against the side of his head.
Timmy What the...?
Timmy looks up to see dozens of soulless bodies floating through the sky, including Cosmo, who fought Meteora.
Timmy [gasps] She got Cosmo? What am I doing?! I can't leave!
Tam Timmy?
Timmy I am the king, and these are my people. I have to stay and fight.
Tam But Meteora will destroy you!
Timmy transforms to his mewberty form.
Timmy Stay here and take care of Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, and Brandon. [flies toward the castle]
Tam Wha...? Did... Did... Did you know he could do that?
Scene cuts to the Fairywinkle-Cosma Castle and surrounding groundlands in flames. Timmy flies up and enters the castle.
Timmy [gasps]
The lifeless bodies of Timmy's guards and subjects float around the inside of the castle. Timmy flies past the Tapestry Room; all the tapestries except Eclipsa's have been ripped up by claws.
Glossaryck Globgooooor!
Timmy Aah! Glossaryck! [groans] You almost gave me a heart attack! Now where is Meteora?
Glossaryck Globgor. [runs off]
As Timmy follows Glossaryck, Tam floats to the castle balcony using fairies' bodies as balloons. She releases the bodies into the sky and enters the castle with Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, and Brandon.
Tam Timmy? [gasps]
Meteora casts a shadow over Tam.
Meteora [growling]
Tam Oh, shoot.
Meanwhile, Glossaryck continues to lead Timmy through the castle.
Timmy [gasps]
The painting-covered entrance to one of the castle's secret passageways swings open, with Eclipsa's handcuffs on the entrance frame.
Timmy Oh, great. Look, Eclipsa got out. That's awesome. Another thing I gotta deal with.
Tam (o.s.) [screaming]
Timmy [gasps]
Timmy enters the throne room and pushes past several floating bodies. Tam flies backward into a wall near Timmy.
Tam Aah! Oof!
Timmy Tam!
Meteora sits where the king and queen's thrones once were.
Meteora That was so much easier than sucking all those souls. Just one punch. Bam!
Timmy Tam, you gotta wake up!
Meteora Hello, Princess Timmy. Don't tell me you've forgotten all about your other godsister.
Meteora holds up Chloe sitting on one of the thrones.
Timmy Chloe!
Meteora Isn't it ironic? All that time I was looking for you, and now I finally found you.
Chloe floats out of the throne, and Meteora crushes the throne in her hand.
Meteora As it turns out, I was chasing after the wrong princesses!
Meteora fires her soul rays at Timmy, and he dodges.
Timmy Mega Narwhal Bla—!
Timmy flies backward into the ceiling from the force of his Narwhal Blast.
Timmy Whoa! Oh, man, this form really packs a punch.
Timmy dodges more of Meteora's soul rays.
Timmy Winterstorm Hyperblow!
Timmy blasts Meteora with a blast of ice and snow.
Meteora Ohhh!
Timmy Cupcake Blast! [blasts Meteora with cupcakes] Strawberry Annihilation! [blasts Meteora with strawberry] Supersonic Leech Bomb! [blasts Meteora with explosive leeches]
Meteora [groans]
Meteora fires her soul rays at Timmy again, and Timmy fires back with Dagger Heart Blast. After Meteora pushes Timmy back, Timmy flies in low. Meteora swats at him with her tail and throws punches at him. Timmy flies up and around Meteora.
Timmy Raspberry Ribbon Lasso!
Timmy catches Meteora's forearms with magic ribbons, but Meteora swings him around the throne room.
Timmy Aah! Aah! Aah! [straining]
Timmy pulls against the lassos, and they rip. He continues to fire upon Meteora from above.
Meteora [groaning]
Timmy Jellybean Hallucination Mist!
Timmy induces hallucinations in Meteora...
Meteora [shouting]
...but she blasts through them with her soul rays, destroying the throne room's roof.
Timmy [panting] Thermonuclear Butterfly Bla—!
Meteora grazes Timmy with her soul rays, and as he falls, Meteora catches him and pins him to a wall. She blasts him soul rays at Timmy again, and Timmy protects himself with a barrier.
Meteora End of the line, Princess Timmy!
Timmy [straining] Okay, I get it! You're angry! If I were in your shoes, I'd be angry, too! But you don't have to do this! We can fix everything!
Meteora You can't fix what your godfamily's done!
Timmy [groaning] You're right! I can't! You want my power?! Take it!
As Timmy focuses his energy, his mewberty form starts to dissipate. All of his energy focuses into a heart shape on Timmy's chest.
Timmy [screaming]
Timmy releases the energy from his body and shoots it at Meteora, causing a tremendous explosion. Moments later, Timmy emerges from the rubble. Meteora emerges shortly after, stumbling around blindly.
Meteora [groaning] You little brat. Where are you? Where are—? [bumps into stone pillar, whimpers, growls]
Timmy [points her wand at Meteora] Na... Narwhal... [groans] Narwhal... Huh?
Eclipsa picks up the wand out of Timmy's hand, and it transforms into a parasol. She opens it and spins it around before revealing herself.
Timmy Eclipsa!
Eclipsa raises the wand, and it surges with power. Her cheek marks glow brightly.
Eclipsa [gasps]
Timmy looks at Eclipsa in shock. Meteora approaches Timmy from behind.
Meteora Found you!
Eclipsa Midnight... Shriek...!
Eclipsa points her wand at Meteora. A black skull-like butterfly appears, and a blast of energy fires through the butterfly and strikes Meteora.
Meteora Mama?!
Timmy Whaaaaaaat?
Meteora You blasted me!
Eclipsa [closes her parasol] You can't do this, Meteora!
Meteora But they... This... This should all be ours! They stole it from us!
Eclipsa So, what, you're just going to destroy it all?
Meteora Something like that.
Meteora raises her claw toward Timmy.
Eclipsa Stop!
Eclipsa strikes at Meteora with continuous arcs of energy.
Meteora [groaning] You're on their side?!
Eclipsa [tearing up] Black Velvet Inferno...!
Eclipsa blasts Meteora with a beam of dark-blue light and light-blue butterflies. The energy wraps around Meteora in the shape of a sphere.
Meteora [gasping] Mommy...?
The sphere closes, and Meteora's silhouette is seen through it.
Meteora [muffled] No! No! [pounding]
Cracks appear along the outside of the sphere, and it fills with white-hot light.
Meteora [screams]
The light disappears, and the sphere's fragments crumble to the floor, leaving only Meteora's tattered dress.
Eclipsa [sobbing gasps, falls to her knees] I'm sorry...
Timmy What did you do?
Eclipsa ...What I had to.
Kyle, one of the castle guards, floats down from the sky with a balloon-like squeak. He falls to the floor, and his eyes return to normal.
Kyle I'm... I'm alive! [laughing]
Other fairies also float down from the sky and start returning to normal.
Timmy [gasps] They're... They're turning back!
Chloe, Janna, and Mr. Pants, Brandon, and Cosmo's bodies fall through the air.
Timmy [gasps] Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, Cosmo! Aah! I gotcha! I gotcha!
Timmy catches Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, and Cosmo just before they hit the floor.
Timmy Aah! Oof! Guys! Guys? Guys?
Chloe [opens her eyes] Huh? Timmy! W-What happened?
Timmy [hugs Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, and Cosmo tearfully] I got you, guys!
As Timmy, Chloe, Janna, and Mr. Pants, and Cosmo look at each other, Tam walks up.
Tam Awww! I'm... I'm just gonna make this weird. [hugs Timmy, Chloe, Janna, and Mr. Pants, and Cosmo]
Timmy Tam! Okay, guys, this is great, but your butt's making my legs fall asleep.
Cosmo [laughs, gets off of Timmy] Sorry.
Timmy sees Eclipsa still on her knees in front of Meteora's crater and approaches from behind.
Timmy Eclipsa, you... you saved us.
Eclipsa Timmy? Well, thank you for letting me borrow this.
Eclipsa gives the wand back to Timmy. Timmy looks at the wand, then at Meteora's dress, then at Eclipsa again.
Timmy ...No. Keep it. This wand was yours. It belongs to you. Things haven't been right since my godfamily took the kingdom. The best thing I can do as king is return what my godfamily stole from you.
A baby's cries are heard inside the crater. Eclipsa walks toward the crying.
Timmy Uhhh...
Eclipsa reaches under the tattered dress and picks up Meteora, reverted to an infant. Meteora stops crying and stares at Eclipsa.
Meteora [cooing happily]
Eclipsa [tearing up] Hello there, little one.
Timmy WHAT?
Eclipsa [to Timmy] Thank you.
Timmy Oh, yeah... Totally-totally-totally...
Eclipsa opens her wand parasol...
Timmy Uh, Eclipsa?
...and floats off into the night sky.
Brandon What did you just do?
Timmy Where is she going?
Glossaryck [runs around Timmy, Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, and Cosmo] Globgor! Globgor! Globgor! Globgor!
Timmy Yes, Glossaryck, "Globgor". We know.
Glossaryck ...No, no, no! Eclipsa's monster love, Globgor! She's going off to be with him. I've been trying to tell you for months. Anyway, see ya around.
Glossaryck departs similarly to Eclipsa, making a parasol with his forehead gem and floating away. Timmy, Chloe, Janna, Mr. Pants, Brandon, and Cosmo watch him leave, completely speechless. Cosmo falls over onto the floor in shock.
Timmy Is his voice different?
Scene cuts to the Monster Temple. Eclipsa floats toward the Temple and enters Meteora's nursery. She uses the wand to blast away the walls and rubble and disintegrate the back wall depicting a monster's four eyes. She walks beyond the wall and finds Globgor frozen in crystal.
Eclipsa [teary-eyed] Hello, my love. We're home.
(end song)

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